Baldr Sky Dive1 “Lost Memory”

Description & Story

Baldr Sky Dive1 and Dive2 are are both games by Giga’s Team Baldrhead, and were originally released in 2009. The games are a combination of a visual novel story with mecha action battles in between.

Kou remembers falling asleep in a nice and quiet town, when he suddenly finds himself rudely awoken by a girl’s scream. When he looks around he learns that he is now in the middle of a battlefield, with gunshots and explosions all around him. And apparently he is also wearing some kind of metal armor. Is this his imagination? What is going on?

A girl named Rain cries out to him and they disappear from the imaginary battlefield. They now stand in the ruined remains of the town that he remembers as his hometown. It has already been a few years since its destruction and he suddenly remembers parts about himself. He is a mercenary soldier and has already been to many battlefields in order to recover more of his memories. That’s right, he lost a chunk of it during an event called “Gray Christmas”.

What was that event? Why was he looking for more information again?

English translation
Sekai Project has announced to be working on a translation for both Baldr Sky Dive 1 and Baldr Sky Dive 2. A special product page is available here.

OP / Demo movie