Majikoi! Love Me Seriously!

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Description & Story

Majikoi! Love Me Seriously! is a visual novel by the developer Minato Soft. There are several different releases by publishers JAST USA & Maji Translations & Yandere Translations. The original Japanese name is “Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!”.

This visual novel is for fans of longer VN with unlockable events, characters and more. Fans who enjoy slice of life comedies and student protagonists and heroines will love Majikoi! Love Me Seriously!.

There are several girls to choose from and hours upon hours of content to discover. Completing all routes will reward you with a complete gallery and extra stories for a few of the girls. All CG is uncensored.

The extra menu has a gallery,  music mode, event mode, replay mode and After stories to complete.

There are currently 2 walkthrough available for this title, the 2015 unofficial patch and the 2020 official release.

Story / setting

Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai, -also known as Majikoi-, is a crazy yet comedic visual novel set in Kawakami City. The story centers around protagonist Yamato Naoe and his precious group of friends. The group of 3 girls and 4 guys has been together since childhood and all attend the same school. Together they have the most fun and they even have a secret base.

The story starts just as the group is about to change with the addition of two new female members. Oh and did we forget to mention that all girls of the group are great martial arts specialists? How will Yamato’s decisions as the tactician of the group affect his relation with each of the heroines?

Sample CGs

English Download Editions

Majikoi! Love Me Seriously! has several editions but you can find the most recent ones on JAST and Steam. The 18+ patch for the Steam edition can be found here.


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