Megasuki: Love Through Lenses with Yuuki Hoshino

Description & Story

“Megasuki: Love Through Lenses with Yuuki Hoshino” is a kinetic novel by the developer GLASSES and published by Shiravune. The original Japanese name is “Megasuki! ~Kanojo to Boku no Megane Jijou~ Hoshino Yuuki Hen.”

This visual novel is for fans of scoring the popular girl. And don’t forget girls in glasses!

Megasuki is short and sweet kinetic novel, meaning there are no decision to make. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your relationship with Yuuki.

The extra menu has replayable scenes, a music gallery, and of course stills from the main route. All the scenes and pictures are censored.

Story / setting

Yuuki Hoshino is famously known as a model and the most popular girl in school. Yuuma Hirose is a plain wallflower. Even though he’s into her, Yuuki is on a different planet.

Until one lunch period, when Yuuki borrows his glasses. Slowly the two spend more time together until they’re more than just friends. Still, Yuuma can’t help but feel nothing but inferior to Yuuki and her charms.

Sample CGs

English Download Editions

Megasuki: Love Through Lenses with Yuuki Hoshino is available for download on the Johren website.



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