Eternal Torment ~An Immortal Girl’s Dance of Disgrace~

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Description & Story

“Eternal Torment ~An Immortal Girl’s Dance of Disgrace~” is a visual novel by the developer Liquid and published by Mangagamer. The Japanese name of this game is “Mugen Renkan ~Chijoku ni Mamireshi Fushiki no Rinbu~”.

This visual novel is for fans of dark fantasy, coming of age stories, and immoral protagonists. Fans who graphic visual novels and the European Middle Ages will also find a great story in Eternal Torment.

There is no main heroine in this visual novel, just the protagonist and her tale. She does meet several other characters on her journey. There are several routes to take and all of them have unique twists and turns.

After finishing the first ending, more stories become available to enjoy. The story is long and full of interesting details that give this visual novel a long play time.

Completing all of the routes unlock the complete and an uncensored gallery.

Story / setting

Where is the line when immortality becomes a curse?

Our protagonist is immortal but she’s the slave of a horrid master. She was gifted immortality and promptly stripped of all of her rights. Not a day passes by where she’s not assaulted or abused. Her captures know she’s immortal so they take their torture to extreme levels.

Then a glimmer of hope. She hears that she can be saved… If she can only kill the currently ruling king. But when she fails, she must flea for her life. Who does she meet on her journeys? Will she ever escape her captors? What does the future hold for a wanted woman who is unable to die?

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This walkthrough is for visual novel Eternal Torment ~An Immortal Girl’s Dance of Disgrace~ by Liquid, available for download on Mangagamer.

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