July 2016 games

A list of visual novel (or related) games that are expected to release in July 2016 (Archive). Click on a game to read the full story synopsis. Sorted in random order.

Note on English games
The dates listed for the English game are the original Japanese release dates, so don’t let those confuse you.
Muv-Luv will be releasing on Steam on July 14. ChuSinGura 46+1 chapters 2 & 3 are also expected on Steam near the end of the month.
As for Mangagamer, Supipara’s release date is July 29, while the Umineko Question Arcs were released on July 8.
Frontwing’s Corona Blossom is also expected to arrive shortly.

Note on Japanese games
Rewrite is listed because of the release of Rewrite+, an updated release that also includes the Harvest festa fandisc. It’ll also have several new CGs.