Senren * Banka

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Description & Story

Senren * Banka is a visual novel by the developer Yuzusoft and published by Nekonyan. Another name it’s known by is Senren * Banka: A Thousand Colors of Love.

This visual novel is for fans who enjoy episodic stories about curses and fantasy elements. It has 4 main and 2 additional girls to romance. There is also an after story for each girl that can be found in the main menu. The extra tab provides an extensive CG gallery and replayable music.

All adult images in Senren are censored.

Story / setting

Deep within the mountains, unreachable by train, there’s a village named Hoori. And because of its isolation from the rest of the world, the village is still stuck in the past. Although not very well known, it’s exactly for that reason that the hot spring town became an interesting sight-seeing location for tourists.

Then there’s also the existence of a special katana called “Murasamemaru”, embedded in stone, and nobody has ever been able to pull it out. Well, until protagonist Masaomi broke the sword in half. At this unexpected turn of events he gets pressed into a rather strange responsibility, marriage! Obviously this is confusing for him, yet it’s only the beginning. There’s more strange and mysterious things waiting for him.

For example, his fiancée is a mysterious girl that only he can touch. What about the secret curse that has been placed on the town?

Then there’s also the Katana. What will these changes mean to Masaomi’s life?

Sample CGs

Senren * Banka English Download Edition

There are several places to find Senren, including Mangagamer, Nutaku, JASTUSA, Steam, and of course on the official NekoNyan Store. There is a free 18+ patch available for the Steam version and it can be found here.


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