Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign for The Human Reignition Project started

Alienworks and Sekai Project have opened up a Kickstarter and a Steam Greenlight campaign for the original visual novel called “The Human Reignition Project”, a project started back in late 2012. Its story is set in the relatively near future and it’ll examine the impact that technologies like these have on our lives and relationships.


The newly started Kickstarter campaign aims to raise around $22k for funding of this project, and even though it has just started the campaign has already collected nearly $8k at the time of writing this post. Stretch goals include funds for more CGs, more music, more everything basically, but there’s also a goal for an opening movie and one for adding adding animation.

As for rewards, there are tiers for digital versions of the game + artbook, but also a tier with physical versions of both. Higher tiers include a digital / physical drawing of yourself or your original character, and the option to collaborate with the team on alternative outfits (only 1 available). The highest tiers will come with a set of unique and exclusive character posters as well as one that comes with a role as “Executive Producer”.

The page actually also several music samples.

The Human Reignition Project 

The game’s set in Japan, in the relatively near future. Still this century, but a couple decades from now. Advancements in fields like robotics have made a lot of jobs redundant, and nearly omnipresent devices like smartphones have the done the same for face-to-face conversation. HRP as a game examines the impact that technologies like these have on our lives and relationships. Within the story, the Human Reignition Project is a small group formed by one old lecturer; a relic of a more personal generation. He’d like to see things go back closer to the way they were.

Steam Greenlight

A Steam Greenlight campaign to get the game on Steam has been started at the same time. The page actually contains a few screens not shown on the Kickstarter page, so go and check them out if you’re interested. Of course don’t forget to vote if you like what you see.

Sample screens & art impression

The Human Reignition project

The Human Reignition project screen 3 The Human Reignition project screen 2 The Human Reignition project screen 1