Mangagamer title updates and new acquisitions announced at Anime Central

English localization company Mangagamer has announced several updates to their lineup at the annual Anime Central convention. The updates include newly announced hardcopies for 4 of their existing titles, as well as 2 completely new acquisitions.

First of all, there’s a limited edition coming for Alicesoft’s Beat Blades Haruka. For this game there will be 2 flavors of the limited edition available, one with a 20″ by 28.5″ wallscroll, and one without the scroll. Both versions will also come with the OST that features 31 tracks. The wallscroll can also be ordered separately if one wishes to do so. All variations will be on sale from July 1, with pre-orders available as of this weekend.

Next, there’s the limited edition for yuri game Kindred Spirits on the Roof. The download version of the English release was released in February of this year, and now a hardcopy will be joining its lineup. The limited edition will include a special case, the 13-track OST, a Steam Key card, and a 40 page mini artbook. Just like Beat Blades Haruka, this edition will be on sale from July 1, with pre-orders available as of this weekend.

The last 2 hardcopies are those for Kara no Shojo – The Second Episode and Euphoria, whereby the first one will include a special case as well as an 11 track OST, and the latter one will come with a special wallscroll but no other bonuses.

Title updates
With the announcement the 3rd chapter for “Higurashi When They Cry”, one can finally continue the epic tale of Higurashi. The new entry will be available for download come June 24, and has now become available for pre-orders.
Following up in the updates around games by 07th Expansion, the first four chapters of Umineko: When They Cry will be released on July 8, and are now accepting pre-orders.

New titles
One of the 2 newly announced titles is called “A Requiem for Innocence”, and is mentioned to be the prequel for “The House in Fata Morgana”, an all-ages game originally developed by Novectacle. Judging by the cover art it seems that it’ll mostly likely be a translated version of “Fata morgana no Yakata -Another Episodes-” (VNDB). An exact release date has not yet been given but the teaser at the end of “The House in Fata Morgana” suggested a 2016 release. More information will surely follow later this year.

Last but not least is the announcement for a new game called “Funbag Fantasy”. This acquisition means that Mangagamer obtained a new partnership with Japanese developer Waffle, a successful nukige company. Which in turn means there’s a chance (if this partnership proves to be successful) that more titles will follow later on. Funbag Fantasy’s original Japanese name is Kyonyuu Fantasy, and it’s the first game in a long series of games that all feature heroines with exceptionally large busts. This first game of the series will follow the life of Ryuuto, a good-for-nothing that only has eye for the beauty of the female body.

A release date for Funbag Fantasy has not yet been announced.

You can also read Mangagamer’s entire Anime Central update over at their own blog here.