OP movies for Mangagamer editions of Himawari and Beat Blades Haruka

Along with the other announcements Mangagamer made at Otakon they’ve also released two translated OP movies of games that were only just announced at the previous event. First one being the OP for Himawari -Pebble in the Sky-, a game originally developed by Blank Note, followed by a latter edition improved by Frontwing. The OP provides a character introduction supported with a song called “gleaming sky”, composed by Hajime Kikuchi, with vocals by eufonius.

The second OP that was revealed is the one for Beat Blades Haruka, a RPG game by Alicesoft. In the translated animated video you also get a quick character introduction for the 3 heroines, as well as the enemies they’ll be fighting against. Its song is called Kaze no You ni Honoo no You ni, composed by Shade and with vocals by UR@N.

A release date for either game has not yet been provided.