Quantum Suicide returns to Kickstarter

Looks like studio Cotton Candy Cyanide is at it again. They’ve rebooted the Kickstater for game QUANTUM SUICIDE, adding a new description “A Visual Novel in Space. Kill or be killed.”

The game originally launched in around the end old last year but failed to make its goal before December 19th. Instead the group came back bigger and bolder and relaunched only a few days ago with the same goal and a month to raise it.
Update 02/01: Corrected pledge goal comparison.


There’s quite a lot of information listed on the Kickstarter page. You can play as either a boy or a girl with several different romantic options. There’s over 50 hours of gameplay and over 30 different endings that can range from good to bad to the true ending. The main page has the following information about the story:

In the year 2092, people no longer trusted the Earth to sustain their existence. The Earth stood as a husk of its past self. As part of a desperate last attempt to save the human race, the governments of the world joined forces in a secret military project to send the best and brightest of humanity to scout the galaxy for a new home.

Welcome Aboard the Everett.

The year is now 2117. You are a second generation ship-born researcher studying inter-dimensional travel. Your choices change the fortunes of all aboard the Everett. Friendship and love lay waiting at your feet, but you should be wary. The road to the stars is full of hardship.

A malprogrammed A.I. dedicated to preserving resources pulls you into a twisted, murderous game. When tensions are high, who knows what even the kindest crew member will do? How will you protect those you love? Will you betray friends to save yourself? Will you be slaughtered in cold, empty space? Will you slaughter?

It’s time to ask yourself: what would you do to survive?

Back Rewards

For as little as $5 they offer backers a digital wallpaper pack with artwork by Owen Carson. These are high quality pieces at 1920×1080 and there are 10 images included. If the game is what you’re more interested in, then at the $15 tier you can get a digital copy of it for the PC. Higher up you can get the digital soundtrack, or even credit mention with beta access. Higher tiers will have you writing a death scene if you enjoy that! Or if you have $1000 to spare they’ll put you in the game as a fully functioning character, voice acting included.

The Group

Listed on their Kickstarter, Cotton Candy Cyanide has a bit of information listed about them. They are an indie development Group from Australia and Quantum Suicide is their first title.

Preview Shots

Quantum Suicide 1 Quantum Suicide 3 Quantum Suicide 2