Visual novel highlights week Sep 11 – Sep 17, teaser for Momoiro Closet and new Saga Planets title announced

September is rushing by fast and soon we’ll be busy playing all the new titles that will be released this month. Before all that however, take a moment to scan through this week’s new update. There’s definitely some interesting things that were announced last week.

In regards to English titles, we’ve had good news from both Frontwing and new published Sol Press. While on the Japanese side we have a brand new title announcement by Saga Planets, as well as several updates on other companies’ titles that are in the making.

As per usual, the news has been split between English Visual Novels, Japanese Visual Novels, and Nukige games specifically.

English visual novels

Teaser page opened for Frontwing’s Momoiro Closet

Frontwing has opened a teaser page for a title called Momoiro Closet. A title that was officially announced at Anime Expo 2017. The teaser page currently contains a preview image as well as information on a rough release date. Which has currently been set to spring 2018.

Momoiro Closet will feature artwork and character design by INO, and a story written by Nanao Yuhi. Whom you might know from Corona Blossom.

Sakura Sakura has been fully funded, demo released

Since this post is a little bit late (sorry!), it’ll at least allow me to share the good news. Sol Press’ Kickstarter campaign for the localization of Sakura Sakura has reached its goal. Meaning that the game has been funded! Congratulations to them.

A demo was also released on the official website here. A survey has also been posted here to gather opinions on the demo.

More information on what will happen from hereon will undoubtedly follow.

Short English title news

  • There’s no update yet on the release of Saku Saku.
  • Mangagamer posted an introduction to Space Live on their blog.
  • Dharker Studio’s Galaxy Girls was also released on Steam and through adult sites Mangagamer and Nutaku.
  • Frontwing confirmed that the English Artbook for Wonderful Everyday has been funded.

Japanese visual novels

New Saga Planets game, Kin’iro Loveriche

Saga Planets has opened the website for a newly announced game called Kin’iro Loveriche. In this game you’ll play a protagonist that somehow ends up in the girls’ dorm of a very prestigious school. Together with a princess from a small European country. (Full synopsis here).

The website for the game currently holds pages for the story introduction, characters pages for the various heroines and side characters, a gallery with 9 preview CGs, and a demo movie.

Main artists for the game are Saga Planets regulars Hontani Kanae and Toranosuke. And the story will be written by Sakaki Kasa, who also worked on Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road for example.

Kin’iro Loveriche will be released on December 22.

Fandisc announced for Silky’s Plus Dolce’s Hikari no Umi no Apeiria

Silky’s Plus Dolce has announced to be working on a fandisc for their debut title Hikari no Umi no Apeiria. This new fandisc will be called Hikari no Umi no Apeiria ~Casablanca no Kishi~. A special page has already been opened here.

Currently there’s no information on who will be writing the story for the fandisc, nor is there any artist information. However, it’s fairly simple to assume that it’ll be done by Hanno Shuusei and Itsui respectively. The same staff that worked on the originaly game. Which was released in July 2017.

The release date for Hikari no Umi no Apeiria ~Casablanca no Kishi~ has been set to December 22.

Short Japanese title news

  • Hibiki Works opened the website for December game Natural Vacation.
  • LIFE0 released the trial for Seven Days: Anata to Sugosu Nanokakan.
  • Azarashi Soft Zero also released a trial for their game Yami to Shukusai no Sanctuary.
  • Shirokuma Dango’s debut work: Iyashi no Megami no Marmot, reached gold status.
  • Pulltop’s Japanese version of LoveKami -Divinity Stage- also reached gold status.
  • And so did Debonosu’s Kagura Reimeiki.
  • Waffle’s “Kyonyuu Fantasy 3 if” on the other hand was delayed to November.
  • Purple Software published the OP for Aoi Tori (Youtube).
  • Campus released the OP for Boukyaku Shitsuji to Koi Suru Ojou-sama no Memoir (Youtube).
  • Ensemble also published the OP for the Omoi o Sasageru Otome no Melody fandisc (Youtube).

Nukige (External NSFW links)

Final word

We do our best to find all items that might interest you as a visual novel fan. Still, if you feel like there’s anything missing in this post, feel free to contact us on twitter or through our contact page. Next week’s post should be on schedule as usual.