Mashiroiro Symphony HD -Sana Edition- Walkthrough (Palette / Shiravune)


This walkthrough is for the Mashiroiro Symphony HD -Sana Edition- visual novel by Palette and Shiravune, available for English download on Shiravune, Steam and Johren. The Japanese name of this game is Mashiro-iro Symphony: Sana Edition.

You can find the free 18+ DLC patch here. The 18+ version of the game contains censored images. 

Mashiroiro Symphony HD -Sana Edition-has 1 main heroine, Sana. This guide will help you unlock all censored CGs for Mashiroiro Symphony HD -Sana Edition-. If you’re looking for the Mashiroiro Symphony VN with the main cast of girls, you can find it on the Mashiroiro Symphony HD -Love is Pure White- page.

You won’t need any save slots for Mashiroiro Symphony HD -Sana Edition-.

This walkthrough is based on the one found on Seiya Saiga.


    • If you choose to skip the story that is shared with Mashiroiro Symphony HD -Love is Pure White-, the choices will not be available to make.

Main Route

  • New Game
  • Do you want to skip the section shared with Love is Pure White?
    • No
  • Thanks for inviting me into your room.
  • I really want to help if I can.
  • It’s fun hanging out with you, Sakuno.
  • Something is drawing me toward the meat.

After Story

  • From Main Menu
  • After Story