Megasuki: Love Through Lenses with Otoha Inami Walkthrough (GLASSES / Shiravune)

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This is a walkthrough for “Megasuki: Love Through Lenses with Otoha Inami”, a visual novel by GLASSES and published in English by Shiravune. It’s available for English audiences on the Johren website. It’s Japanese name is Megasuki! ~Kanojo to Boku no Megane Jijou~ Inami Otoha Hen.

Otoha Inami is the only heroine to romance in this kinetic novel. This guide is a simple one because there are no choices to make. You can sit back and enjoy this love story between Otoha and Itsuki.

Completing the main story will unlock a full and censored gallery with CG, scenes and background music to be enjoyed at when you please.


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