Sexorcist Academy Walkthrough (Miel / Cherry Kiss Games)

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This walkthrough is for the Sexorcist Academy visual novel by Miel and translated for English audiences by Cherry Kiss Games. It’s available for English download on Steam. The Japanese name of this game is Haramase Onaho Taima Kenshi Gakuen ~ Kyokon Rettousei ga Ero Majutsu de Saikyou no Bakunyuu Mesu-Tachi o Dashite Nikubenki Harem Team o Tsukuru!~. It’s also known as Demon Slayer Academy Harem.

Sexorcist Academy is a kinetic novel and doesn’t requires any saves or guide. Completing this title will automatically unlock a completed CG gallery along with replayable H-scenes. All images are censored.


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