Trap Yuri Garden Walkthrough (No~Strike / Eroge Japan & Sanuk Inc.)

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This walkthrough is for the Trap Yuri Garden visual novel by No~Strike and Eroge Japan & Sanuk Inc., available for English download on No~Strike, and Steam. The Japanese name of this game is Josou Yuribatake.

A free 18+ upgrade DLC is also available for download on Eroge Japan. This patch is for the Steam version of the game.

Trap Yuri Garden has 1 main heroine, Mikage. This guide will help you unlock all censored CGs for Trap Yuri Garden. 

You’ll need 1 save slot for Trap Yuri Garden.

This walkthrough is based on the one found on Seiya Saiga.


  • If you don’t have the 18+ patch, then you won’t see the H-scenes and only 1 ending is available
  • Right now there may be an installation bug where a few CG can’t be retrieved with the 18+ patch installed. If you delete the file patch.xp3, you can restore the title to the all ages version.

Main Route

  • Start
  • Save slot 1
  • Challenge destiny

Scene Collection

  • Load slot 1
  • Give up on everything