11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo-

Description & Story

11eyes is a well known visual novel by Japanese developer Lass. It has also received an anime adaption in 2009 which ran for 12 episodes.

In the story of 11eyes, we follow protagonist Kakeru, a youth who’s eyes are afflicted by Heterochromia. He lost his only sister about 5 years ago, and no longer has any blood relatives left. Thanks to his childhood friend Yuka he was able to get back to a relatively normal life since, though he does not have any ambitions or plans for the future. In present time, the two of them attend high school together and have a unchanging relationship.

However, all of that is soon to change, when one day the sky suddenly turns red and the moon pitch black. All other people vanished and it almost looks like they are now stuck in the ruins of an old town or something like that. Then when they see other creatures crawling about they can’t help but run as fast as they can. After a while, the “red night” disappears as quickly as it came, and they find themselves back in the normal world. Is their life in danger now?

Soon they find other people that are affected by the red night and they join up to find out what’s going on. In total, there are 6 of them. And is it by chance that 6 shapes stand in their way in the red night? Will the group be able to survive and figure out what’s going on?