Akane Iro no Kyoukaisen

Description & Story

Akane Iro no Kyoukaisen is an upcoming visual novel by Japanese developer Alcot Honey Comb. The art will be handled by Shin’ya Sorai, Kei Masaki, and Cocoa. The story will be written by 8 and Ejimura.

On a certain night, Shuu Yumesaki has a meeting of chance with the mythical fox spirit Tomoe. She wants to become a Goddess and has to quell beings called “Tatari” on a daily basis. Creatures that devour everything they can. There has been an outbreak of them recently in Shuu’s hometown. But even with the help of exorcist Kasumi, their numbers have only been increasing ever since.

Eventually even Shuu’s junior, Shion, gets targeted by the Tatari. So it was inevitable that Shuu steps up to help battle the Tatari. To protect his loved ones, as well as the town that he was born and raised in.

Together they cross the boundary between humans and the supernatural. Dyeing the world in red.

Akane Iro no Kyoukaisen release date

The release date for Akane Iro no Kyoukaisen has currently been set to the end of June in 2017.