Description & Story

Aristocunts is a visual novel by the developer Miel and published by Cherry Kiss Games. The original Japanese name is “Akuyaku Reijou Oyako no Geboku ni Natta no de Haramase Onaho ni Shitsukete Hametsu End o Kaihi Suru”.

This visual novel is for fans of mother and daughter heroines, massive breasts, and kinetic novels. Fans who enjoy threesomes and royal storylines will love Aristocunts.

This title is a kinetic novel, which means there are no choices to make. Doesn’t change the fact that there are 2 lovely ladies to meet, greet, and dirty dance with.

The extra menu has your a CG gallery, chapter selection, and rewatchable scenes. All CG is censored.

Story / setting

Our protagonist doesn’t die in a traffic accident, instead he’s transported into an otome game. There he has not 1 but 2 beautiful ladies to deal with but this mother/daughter team is more than he can handle… That is until his naked body does the talking.

English Download Editions

Aristocunts is available for download on Cherry Kiss Games and Steam.

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