Dating Life: Miley & Emily

Description & Story

Dating Life: Miley & Emily is a girl’s love visual novel in which you play as Miley. A young woman who has a slight mental breakdown after she didn’t get invited to an old teacher’s after-school retirement party. She herself doesn’t even know why she cared about that.

To distract herself, Miley reaches for the dating app she installed recently. To her surprise she is matched with a woman called Emily. Who apparently is a very talkative woman, as Miley doesn’t even get to have a word in at their first video call.

Emily invites her over to the local bar. Assuming that Miley brings over her boyfriend as well. Which she doesn’t have of course… Will Miley be able to rescue the situation?

Dating Life: Miley & Emily uncensored download edition

Dating Life: Miley X Emilyā€¯, is available for download over at Nutaku as an uncensored adult edition. And over at Steam for the basic all-ages edition. But with an additional DLC available to unlock the adult content.

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