Do M Otoko Tantei ga Iku 2 ~Watashi no Shimobe ni Narinasai!~ (Detective Masochist 2)

Description & Story

Do M Otoko Tantei ga Iku 2, also known as Detective Masochist 2, is a visual novel by Japanese company Ume Soft. It’s the direct sequel to the first Detective Masochist game. The full title is “Detective Masochist 2 -The Case of the Tortured Servant-“.

In the game you once again take on the role of Hikaru, a detective working in the town of Kanazawa. Still as incompetent as ever, and with his masochist personality he still has the tendency to attract all kind of sadistic women to himself. It’s surprising that his his childhood friend and helper Satomi is still along for the ride.

The case in Detective Masochist 2 resolves around strange rings. These rings turn people into sadists as soon as they put them on. With one of those rings, even Satomi turns into a sadistic queen. Will he be able to solve this case and also help Satomi turn back to normal? Or will he give in to his masochist’s personality?

Detective Masochist 2 English Download Edition

Ume Soft released an English translated version of Detective Masochist 2 -The Case of the Tortured Servant-. The download edition is available over at Mangagamer.


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