Eden’s Ritter 1:2 – Priestess of Pleasure

Description & Story

Eden’s Ritter 1:2 – Priestess of Pleasure is a visual novel by the developer Waffle and published by Shiravune. The original Japanese name is “Eden’s Ritter – Chapter 1 Gaiden – Innan no Miko-hime Cecily Hen”.

This visual novel is for fans of fantasy stories with monsters and multiple bad endings. Fans who enjoy big busted ladies will also appreciate Eden’s Ritter.

There are 2 main heroines for Eden’s Ritter, but the story involves them both. There are several bad endings and one true ending to discover. Completing all endings will reward you with a complete censored  CG gallery. 

The extra menu has a graphic selection, scene selection and a music gallery.

Story / setting

It’s been half a year since traitor Archbishop Rudolf invaded and destroyed the nation. It’s up to Cecily to rebuild from what remains. But how can she when the lust fiend threat never left?

Will she be able to restore the Elleraldian throne or will she fall before she even begins?

English Download Editions

Eden’s Ritter 1:2 – Priestess of Pleasure is available for download on Steam.

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