Haburare (Bitter Exclusion).

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Description & Story

Haburare -or Bitter Exclusion- is a visual novel by Japanese developer Ammolite. A game with a rather different focus than the other games you might know them from.

In Bitter Exclusion, you play as Shouhei. A student who likes to talk about anime with his friend. He also has his eye on their classmate Aoi. A girl with glasses blue hair, who also has been Shouhei’s acquaintance since they were little. Nothing ever came out of that however. Aoi is not interesting in him.

Shouhei’s class however, is different than your average day-to-day class. In fact, behind his back Kaho -a girl with long pink hair- likes to bathmouth Shouhei. She’s also a pervert and like to do naughty things with Aoi and their classmates.

Bitter Exclusion is a story of bullying, seduction, and betrayal. Can you handle it?

Bitter Exclusion English Download edition

An English adult download edition for Bitter Exclusion is available at Mangagamer. It’s the second game by Ammolite that was translated. A list of their other English titles is available here.

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