Description & Story

Hapymaher is a visual novel released by Purple Software released in 2013. Which was later on translated to English by Mangagamer and released in summer 2018.

In Hapymaher you play the story through the eyes of Tohru, a young man who has an unusual problem. All of his dreams are so called “lucid dreams”, which are dreams in which you play an active role while you know you’re dreaming. And since all of his dreams are these lucid dreams, he rarely gets any proper rest.

In real life, he is supported by his childhood friend Saki, who nowadays even calls him her big brother. Yet she can’t help teasing him. But with 4 other heroines involved, one might wonder where this story will go. At school there’s Yayoi and Keiko, the first being an upperclassman and member of the science club, while Keiko is not the talkative type but sometimes likes to play guitar in front of the station.

Then there’s also a girl named Alice. She tends to appear in Tohru’s dreams, and claims she’s able to wander from dream to dream. Lastly there’s the strange Maia.

Is there a reason behind Tohru’s dreams? Find out in this lengthy story with beautiful artwork for your viewing pleasure.

Hapymaher uncensored English download edition

Hapymaher is available as an uncensored English download edition over at Mangagamer. As of now there’s no all-ages edition available, but don’t let that stop you!

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