Hara Chuchu!! ~Kameba Ano Ko mo H na Tenshi~

Description & Story

Hara Chuchu is a pregnancy fetish visual novel by Swaneye. It follows the story of Taisuke, a young man who on one day finds a mysterious book in his home. When he opens the book, a vampire girl suddenly appears. The girl immediately bites him, marking the start of a big change to his life.

In this world, people who get bitten by vampires get uncontrollable libido. So naturally the same counts for Taisuke. From now on he’ll have to live with this uncontrollable desire. Together with a vampire girl, his mother, his sister, his childhood friend and her mother, and his teacher.

Hara Chuchu English fan translation

An English fan-translation patch for Hara Chuchu was made by Loe Quality Translations.