Hara Kano!! ~Ano Ko To Lovelove Harabote Seikatsu~

Description & Story

Hara Kano is a game full of indecent relationships as you work your way to seduce different people from the same households. Not only your own, but also the neighboring family.

You play the story through the eyes of Yuuichi, who lost his father when he was still young. So nowadays he lives happily with his mother and younger sister. Then one day his grandfather contacts them to ask if they want to come live with him. They agree and begin living together with the four of them.

Yuuichi however, now is the only heir of the family and his grandfather tells him that he’ll also need to make an heir of his own. In other words, he tells him to find a wife and get her pregnant with a child.

Who will be the woman of your choice?



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