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Description & Story

HaremKingdom is a visual novel by the developer Smee and published by Shiravune. 

This visual novel is for fans of harems and many lovers. Fans who also enjoy being a protagonist from another world will find a lovely home in HaremKingdom.

There are 5 girls to choose from and a few extra scenes to collect. Completing every route and finding the missing CG will reward the player with a complete CG gallery.

The Omake menu will allow you to see CG and replay the scenes you encounter in HaremKingdom. There’s also a musical menu to browse through. All the scenes and pictures are censored.

Story / setting

Our protagonist has had a traumatic experience with both women and romance… So of course it makes sense that he’s hesitant to get back into the game. His childhood friend thinks that he’s being silly and that he should find someone quickly.

He’s just interested in his hobbies, which are a good distraction from everything.

But when they’re both suddenly teleported to another world, there’s not much they can run from. The Prime Minster finds them and announces that the protagonist is the last king of the kingdom. And his new job? Build a harem of wonderful ladies to help the kingdom to grow.

Of course, all of these ladies are beautiful and he can’t say no… But unbeknownst to him, Hikari’s worries deepen…

Sample CGs

English Download Editions

HaremKingdom is available for download on MangaGamer and Johren