Fantasy Tavern Sextet

Description & Story

Fantasy Tavern Sextet is a fantasy style visual novel by qureate, much in the same style as their other titles KukkoroDays and NinNinDays.

In Fantasy Tavern Sextet the main protagonist suddenly gets transported to another world. And like a true isekai story the world he ends up in is a real fantasy-style world. With monsters, magic and sub-human species.

Surprised by the suddeny situation, our protagonist finds himself saved by a girl called Lupine. Owner of the Stray Sheep tavern. Though it’s not a very popular tavern by all means.

Which is the perfect setup for a revival of the tavern. The protagonist with his cooking experience from his previous life decides to help out this beautiful girl. Will you be able to revive the tavern?

Fantasy Tavern Sextet volumes

Fantasy Tavern Sextet is released through several volumes. The first volume is called “Fantasy Tavern Sextet – Vol.1 New World Days” and focuses on the 2 tavern girls, Lupine and cat-girl Daisy.

In Fantasy Tavern Sextet – Vol.2 Adventurer’s Days you’ll set out on an actual adventure. Together with the short-haired knight Dahlia and beautiful magician Veronica

Fantasy Tavern Sextet Sample CGs

Fantasy Tavern Sextet uncensored download edition

Since the game is released through multiple volumes (or parts), it’s also seperately available.

Fantasy Tavern Sextet – Vol.1 New World Days is available for download at NutakuDenpasoftMangagamer and Steam (All-ages). A free 18+ DLC is also available here if you want to upgrade your edition.

In Fantasy Tavern Sextet – Vol.2 Adventurer’s Days is available for download at NutakuDenpasoftMangagamer and Steam (All-ages). Of course Vol. 2 also has a free 18+ DLC patch available here.


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