Maid for Pleasure

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Description & Story

Maid for Pleasure is a visual novel by the developer Miel and published by Cherry Kiss Games. The original Japanese name is “Iyasou na Kao Shite Kozukuri Sasete Kureru Toshiue Cool Maid o Aherasete Mesuana ni Suru Hanashi”.

This visual novel is for fans of shorter VN titles that are also kinetic novels. Fans who enjoy busty maids and a bit of cosplay will also enjoy Maid for Pleasure.

This is a kinetic novel so there are no choices to make. The story is straightforward and completing the story once will reward you with a 100% gallery. The extra menu has a chapter selection and a H-scenes selection menu as well. All CG is censored.

Story / setting

You’ve got nothing left when the family fortune is lost. Well almost nothing. There’s still your maid, Kiriko, who is blessed with a figure that would make the gods drool. She insists on raising you right, including when it comes to sex play!

English Download Editions

Maid for Pleasure is available for English download on Nutaku, Cherry Kiss Games, Steam, and

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