Tomgirls of the Mountains

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Description & Story

Tomgirls of the Mountains is an exciting visual novel by publisher Nounai Kanojo and made available in English by JAST USA. The original name is Josou Sanmyaku but it’s also known as 3myaku.

This visual novel features trap characters, boys who dress up as girls. Each character is lovely in their own way so you can’t go wrong when you choose. Fans of visual novels that feature temples and ancient traditions will also enjoy Tomgirls of the Mountains. This is one of the few visual novels available with trap characters to conquer.

There are 3 romanceable characters, Fumio, Yura, and Shizuki. There’s even a harem scene after all 3 routes have been completed. And just incase you want some drama, there are 3 different bad endings as well. Completing everything will unlock a 100% gallery.

The title screen also features a music gallery and a way to watch the opening movie and special scenes. All scenes and pictures are uncensored for 3myaku.

Story / setting

The story of Tomgirls of the Mountains follows protagonist Ikuto Watarai. A young man who’s feeling down after various bad experiences with women. So to clear his head he decides to head into the mountains.

But disaster strikes and a storm forces him to hide in a cave. In which he eventually gets lost. Luckily a beautiful “girl” finds him and brings him back to her small village. Where Ikuto meets the 2 other “heroines”.

These inhabitants call Ikuto the messenger. His sole purpose is to copulate to revitalize the village. But… the 3 “girls” are actually traps -boys acting like girls-. What will you do now? Embrace it? Or run away?

Sample CGs

Tomgirls of the Mountains uncensored English edition

The English edition of Tomgirls of the Mountains is fully uncensored and can be downloaded from JAST USA. A limited physical edition is also available over on JList. You can now find it on MangaGamer as well.