Kangoku Senkan 3 ~Nessa no Sennou Kouro~

Description & Story

Kangoku Senkan 3 is a visual novel by Anime Lilith, which takes place in an age where mankind has begun to explore space. Expanding their territory by terraforming new planets and establishing a form of government for these new civilizations.

It is however, not a very peaceful era. Two big factions have been formed that are both on the opposite site of a conflict. It’s at that time that one of the 2 factions suffers a big defeat and loses a big part of their territory and influence.

A new era is about to start. In the year 2256. History will be made…

Kangoku Senkan 3 English translation

An individual named RunQ has released an English fan-translation for Kangoku Senkan 3. You can get the official download game over at dlsite here. And the fan-translation here.



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