My Girlfriend’s Special Place

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Description & Story

My Girlfriend’s Special Place is a visual novel by the developer feng and published by Denpasoft & Sekai Project. The original Japanese name is “Kanojo no Seiiki”.

This visual novel is for fans of comedic visual novels with multiple endings. Fans who love high school romances and virgin heroines will also enjoy My Girlfriend’s Special Place.

There is 1 girl to romance but 3 different endings you can unlock. Unlocking all endings will reward you with a complete and uncensored gallery. The extras tab has a gallery, scene selection and music gallery.

Story / setting

On one day when he was traveling back home from Akihabara, our protagonists gets mistaken for a molester by his former childhood friend, Fuyuka Akiyoshi. She comes from a rich family and always used to be neat and admired. Therefore she often is the target for males trying to get closer to her. Which also includes our protagonist. Ever since childhood he had been in love with her. And so he gladly takes up her offer to become her butler in order to make up for his “molester” actions.

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English Download Editions

My Girlfriend’s Special Place is available now on Denpasoft, Sekai Project, and on Steam. A free 18+ patch for the Steam version can be found on Denpasoft



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