My Married Cousin’s Need for Seed!

Description & Story

“My Married Cousin’s Need for Seed!” is a visual novel by the developer Miel and published by Cherry Kiss Games. The original Japanese name is “Kekkon Seikatsu o Mamoru Tame ni Dairi Kozukuri de Netori Ana Yome ni Sareru Niizuma”

This visual novel is for fans of ladies with big breasts, who enjoy being submissive and can’t get enough of their lover. This is also an NRT game.

Nodoka Tamiya is the only love interest in the game. She has 2 different endings and completing both routes will open up a complete CG gallery.  

The extra menu has replayable H scenes, easy to access chapter selection and even an option to reset Achievements. All the scenes and pictures are censored.

Story / setting

The protagonist is the son of a rich family. He’s had a thing for his cousin, Nodoka, since he was little. Now that she’s married, his can feel his anger boiling inside of him. But when the head of the family calls him in to request that he help Nodoka become pregnant… He can’t turn down such a juicy offer without taking full advantage of her virgin body.

Sample CGs

My Married Cousin’s Need for Seed Download Editions

My Married Cousin’s Need for Seed! by Miel is available in English for download on Steam


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