King of Halloween

Description & Story

King of Halloween is a visual novel by King Key Games that features various monster heroines amongst a whole bunch of politics.

We join Victor Frankenstein just as receives the keys to Halloween City. You see, Victor will be the new mayor. Meaning you’ll have to get yourself ready for debates, campaigning, compromises, and whatever else you can imagine in the life of a politician.

Well not entirely, because in King of Halloween there are plenty of beauties that you’ll meet as the story progresses. And you have to keep them happy (or not) with the choices you make to get your desired ending.

Will you go for power? Or will you be genuine? It’s all up to you!

King of Halloween uncensored download edition

King of Halloween is available for download at Nutaku with an uncensored adult edition. But you can also grab a Steam copy here.

Sample CGs