King of Queendoms

Description & Story

King of Queendoms is a visual novel by King Key Games, in which -for a change- men are not the dominant gender in the world. In this world rules by various queens you take on the role of a young (male) knight named Magnus. Conflict is on the rise and if the queens keep acting as they are, war is inevitable.

So when Grand Master Mage Pauline -leader of the Republic- passes away, Grand Mage Elvira takes over and decides it’s time for action. She calls upon you to be her knight. But maybe not for the reasons you might be expecting. She needs your “sword” to temper the various queens and bring peace to the land.

Will you take up this role? And will you succeed in pleasing the queens?

King of Queendoms uncensored download edition

King of Queendoms is available as an uncensored download edition over at Nutaku. But a Steam version is also available.