Masochistic Elves from Another World!

Description & Story

Masochistic Elves from Another World! is a visual novel by the developer Miel and published by Cherry Kiss Games. The original Japanese name is “Kouki na Bakunyuu Elf Himekishi o Wakarase! Mesu Kobi Haramase Ana ni Suru Seikatsu”.

This visual novel is for fans of both light and tan skin heroines with big breasts. Fans who enjoy pregnancy in their visual novels will also enjoy Masochistic Elves from Another World.

This VN is linear but has a lot of CG to unlock. Completing the routes will unlock a complete gallery with selectable chapters and H-scenes. All CG is censored.

Story / setting

In a far off dimension an Elven Princess faces off against her nemesis when disaster strikes. And now Farina finds herself in another world placed before a horny elf-loving protagonist!

Take advantage of Farina in the best possible way using her invisible magic and more!

And don’t forget about her nemesis Riza, who decides to finish Farina off but finds you instead!

English Download Editions

Masochistic Elves from Another World! is available for download on Cherry Kiss Games, Steam and

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