Love in the Limelight

Description & Story

Love in the Limelight is an adult visual novel by Dharker Studio.

In this game you play as Josh. A man who had just started regretting his decision to slip a note into Luna’s bag. You see, Luna is perhaps the most well known person around his office. So it’s not strange for Josh to have the hots for Luna. But was slipping a note in her bag really the best move?

With an uncontrollable shake, Josh meets in her in the office’s foyer. And actually dares to ask Luna out. To which she surprisingly agrees. They agree to meet the next day and go on from there.

Still stunned from the experience, Josh talks about the encounter with his childhood friend Melissa. Who suggests him to go on a few practice dates together.

Will he have any chance with Luna? Or will he screw this up?

Love in the Limelight uncensored download edition

Love in the Limelight is available as an uncensored adult download edition over on Steam.

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