Lucy Got Problems

Description & Story

Lucy Got Problems is a visual novel by Flat Chest Dev. It’s a comedic visual novel in which play as the succubus Lucy.

Tasked with an important mission by her Priestess Tiamat, Lucy sets out to the elven forest. Yet she’s so lost in thought about the Priestess’ panties that she completely forgets the purpose of her mission. And Tiamat is a brutal ruler. Not someone who can easily forgive such a careless mistake…

Lucy decides to try and find the elves, and to go from there. But the forest she is in is filled with dangerous creatures. And let’s not forget how the elves themselves would respond if they come across a lone succubus.

Will this really be alright? Can you remember the purpose of your mission and make it back alive? If you do, maybe you’ll even get to find out what your Priestess’ panties look like!

Lucy Got Problems uncensored adult download edition

Lucy Got Problems is available as an uncensored download edition over at many sites. You can get it from NutakuMangagamerJast USA, or Steam.

Sample CGs