Maid for Loving You

Description & Story

Maid for Loving You is a visual novel by the developer Azarashi Soft and published by Love Lab. The original Japanese name is “Maid-san no Iru Kurashi”.

This visual novel is for fans of maid heroines with big breasts. Fans who enjoy kinetic novels and single endings will also enjoy Maid for Loving You.

There 1 girl to romance and competing the story a single time will reward you with a complete CG gallery.

The extra menu has a CG gallery, scene replay mode, and music menu. All the scenes and pictures are uncensored.

Story / setting

Yuuma has a set routine between work and home life. His days are busy with no room to meet and romance anyone. So he leads a lonely life without much meaning. Until one cold day he finds a maid collapsed in the snow. To show her thanks, she becomes his maid.

Sample CGs

English Download Editions

Maid for Loving You is available for download on Steam. and there’s a 18+ patch available on Love Lab.