The Witch’s Love Diary

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Description & Story

The Witch’s Love Diary is the debut and so-far only visual novel released under the Qoobrand Japanese brand. It might be more known under its Japanese title of “Majo Koi Nikki”.

Alice is a young girl in her second year at school. She lives in an old barber’s shop in the shopping district of the town. There’s nothing special about her life, everyday she commutes to school by train, and everyday she spends time with her friends. Until one day, a day where she found a mysterious diary, one that had fallen from the top of the clock tower in the forest near the school.

When she takes it back home she finds that it belonged to a young boy, who wrote about his day-to-day life. This marks the start of a story about a young girl’s first love and her broken heart.

The Witch’s Love Diary English Download Edition

The translated English edition of The Witch’s Love Diary was released by Denpasoft and Sekai Project. The adult edition can be found over at Denpasoft’s site here. While Sekai’s Project safe edition is available over at Steam.

If you want to upgrade The Witch’s Love Diary from the Steam edition to the adult edition, you can download the free 18+ patch over at Denpasoft.

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