Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia

Description & Story

When protagonist Ryouto Orikuchi awakened from his coma the world seemed to have gotten a different color. Apparently he’s now able to see the color of people’s emotions. With this new strange ability he and his younger sister Miu return to their hometown after being away for 3 years, both transferring into Himawari Academy, named after a sunflower.

But once he entered his classroom he couldn’t recognize any color of emotion coming from any of his classmates. It has also been 3 years since he had last seen his former best friends, a group who used to believe that their friendship would last forever. However, that intimate group had scattered in summer 3 years ago, and when he tries to pick up their broken pieces he learns of the darkness and love in their hearts.

Visual Fanbook

A 130 page visual fanbook was released in April 2015, J-List offers an import version.


OP / Demo movie