Description & Story

NekoMiko is a visual novel by qureate, featuring 2 beautiful cat-girls of good fourtune.

You, as the protagonist in NekoMiko, are currently going through a tough time. Your most recent job application got rejected, and your girlfriend decides to break up with you because of it. To top it off, that’s not even the end of your misfortunes.

While on your walk of misery you stumble upon a run-down shrine, located in a small alley in Akihabara. Figuring it doesn’t matter anyway, you try your luck and donate some change. And right as you do that, 2 cat-girls shows up in their shrine maiden outfit.

Ayame and Kaede -as they are called- then decide to help you get rid of your misfortunes. By living together in your house! Is this a dream perhaps? Or has your luck really changed for the better!?

NekoMiko English download edition

The English edition of NekoMiko is available for download over on NutakuDenpasoft, or Steam (All-ages). An R18 (adult) patch for the Steam edition is also available for download over at qureate’s website here.

Sample CGs