Riddle Joker

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Description & Story

“Riddle Joker” is a visual novel by the developer Yuzusoft and published by NekoNyan.

This visual novel is for fans of secret agent stories and heroines with amazing superpowers. “Riddle Joker” can take about 30-50 hours to complete and has 5 romanceable girls. Each girl has a few different adult choices and all must be played to complete the CGI gallery.

There’s also a follow up story for each girl after completion. The After tab includes up to 2 extra stories.

The extra menu has replayable scenes, a music gallery, and of course stills from each route.

There is a flow chart included to allow for an easy way to review routes taken and not taken.

Story / setting
“Riddle Joker” takes place in a universe where People are born with superpowers. These powers are fairly normal and are called “Astral Abilities.” The “Astral users,” have various schools but this is where our protagonist comes in.

Satoru Arihara is a secret agent tasked with infiltrating one of these special schools. He transfers in with his little sister and begins to make friends. All is well until Ayase Mitsukasa accidentally discovers his secret. But Satoru has secrets to uncover as well.

Follow Satoru as he unlocks more classified information, which may or may not include the hearts of his classmates!

There are 5 girls with extra adult choices for each girl. There are also extra endings once a particular girl’s route has been cleared, found in the After tab.

Sample CGs

Riddle Joker English adult download edition

The English edition for Riddle Joker has been published by NekoNyan and is available for download over at Mangagamer or Denpasoft

Riddle Joker English all-ages edition

There’s also an all-ages version available for Riddle Joker available over at Steam. If you instead want to upgrade to the adult edition, you can download the free R18 patch from NekoNyan’s site here