Fluffy Store

Description & Story

Fluffy Store is a visual novel by AsicxArt. Featuring beautifully animated character sprites and a wonderful story.

In the game you follow the story of Lin. A young man who has just returned to his hometown after finishing college. There, he decides to open a convenience store.

Then, as he’s dealing with the struggles of managing the store, 3 girls suddenly appear in his shop. Each of the these girls has a distinct animal-ish feature to them. One of them looks like a fox, one like a rabbit, and the last one even looks like she might be a bear.

Before long these girls help Lin out in managing his store. And you have to help them get familiar with the job. Then when the day is over they all retreat back to Lin’s apartment above the store.

Fluffy Store download edition

Fluffy Store is available as download game over at Steam.

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