Saimin Gakushuu -Secret Desire-

Description & Story

Saimin Gakushuu -Secret Desire- is a visual novel by the developer Dark One! and published by Shiravune. 

This visual novel is for fans of stories with mind control elements set in a high school and slice of life setting. Fans who love stories with multiple endings will also enjoy Saimin Gakushuu.

There are 4 girls to choose from in Saimin Gakushuu. The routes are straight forward and not too difficult to finish. Completing the routes will reward you with a complete CG gallery. All images are censored. There’s an extras menu with memories, photos, and a music gallery.

Story / setting

Soichi Akano is a failure of a student. He’s confronted by the student counsel president, Tsukino Himemiya, about his terrible grades. She’s the top student, of course, and she ends up slapping him in front of the whole student body.

This lights a fire under Soichi’s ass, but his flame burns out real quick. So instead he turns to the internet. If he can learn while he sleeps, he can get good grades. But something erotic happens and he realizes he can use it for so much more than sleeping…

Sample CGs

English Download Editions

Saimin Gakushuu -Secret Desire- is available for English download now on Shiravune and on Steam at a later date

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