Sakura MMO 2

Description & Story

Sakura MMO 2 is the second installment in Winged Cloud’s “Sakura MMO” series of visual novels. This one being a direct sequel to the original game.

In Sakura MMO 2, you once again take on the role of the great dark witch Viola. You’re still stuck in the online world of Asaph. Together with your party, consisting of the knight Eleri, the thief Fion, and your maid Neve.

Over the last month or so, your party has been accepting quests from the adventurers’ guild. In the hope of learning more about how you came to be stuck in this world of Asaph. So far it has not turned up any information. But you’re sure that eventually something will come up.

And besides, you do not mind being in this world. Surrounded by beautiful girls. Do you?

Sakura MMO 2 uncensored download edition

Sakura MMO 2 is available for download over on Nutaku or Steam. An uncensored adult patch is available to download for free over at Winged Cloud’s Patreon here.

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