Nope Nope Nurses

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Description & Story

Nope Nope Nursesis a visual novel by the developer Dark One! and published by Shiravune. The original Japanese name is “Sakusei Byoutou ~Seikaku Saiaku no Nurse Shika Inai Byouin de Shasei Kanri Seikatsu~.”

This visual novel is for fans of abusive nurses who care little for their patients. Fans who enjoy kinetic novels with a student protagonists will love Nope Nope Nurses.

There are 4 different nurses to encounter but since this is a kinetic novel, you cannot choose which one you can enjoy. You’ll get them all! Completing the story once will reward you with a complete censored gallery with an Illustrations tab and a Memories tab.

Story / setting

Our hero Yamada has a strange condition that requires him to climax every three hours or face intense physical pain. But when he fractures both is hands in a freak accident, he’s going to need more than some medical attention. Things take a turn for the worst when he realizes that he’s been paired with the worst nurses on the planet.

How will he survive these dominating, dead-eyed dames?!

English Download Editions

Nope Nope Nurses is available for download on MangaGamer, Johren and Steam.

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