Sabbat of the Witch

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Description & Story

Sabbat of the Witch is a romance visual novel by Japanese company Yuzusoft (original title Sanoba Witch). It was subsequently translated to English and released by NekoNyan.

Shuuji Hoshina has something that no one else has, strangely he is able to sense what other people feel. On one day that ability causes him to stumble upon a secret of his classmate Nene Ayachi. A secret caused by her powers as a witch, and which she would’ve liked to keep to herself. They soon end up as friends and as Nene goes about her activities as a witch they soon also involve the other 3 heroines. With his quiet days suddenly turned into hectic days, what will happen to Shuuji and the 4 girls?

Sabbat of the Witch adult download edition

Sabbat of the Witch is available for download in its adult edition over at Mangagamer and Nutaku, You can also find it on Steam, including an adult content patch.

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