Full Metal Daemon Muramasa

Description & Story

Full Metal Daemon Muramasa is a visual novel by the developer Nitroplus and published by JAST USA,. The original Japanese name is “Soukou Akki Muramasa”.

This visual novel is for fans of longer, more emotional and intense novels where the hero is hardly a good person. Fans who love mecha and dark stories will also enjoy Full Metal Daemon Muramasa. This is a longer title, clocking in at around 65-70 hours.

There are 3 girls to choose from, a few extra scenes, and tons of CG endings to collect. This title also has an explore mode for 1 route, and a puzzle for another route.

The extra menu has an extensive image gallery, quick access to erotic scenes, and a record player to rewatch your favorite movies from the VN. All the scenes and pictures are uncensored.

Story / setting

Japan has fallen and is ruled by robotic suits called Tsurugi. Their users, Mushas, wield incredible power.

Kageaki Minato has a score to settle. He’s got a checkered past and the only way to make things right is to defeat the most powerful Tsurugi, the Silver Star. But first he needs to deal with cases involving other Mushas before he can even get close to his goal.

But the thing is, Kageaki doesn’t care about morals… It doesn’t matter what’s good and evil. This is a story of one man’s personal gain and those who fall around him.

Sample CGs

English Download Editions

Full Metal Daemon Muramasa is available for English download at on JAST USA and on J-List.