Sugar * Style

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Description & Story

Sugar * Style is a visual novel by the Japanese developer Smee and published for English audiences by NekoNyan. Sugar * Style is categorized as a longer visual novel, taking as little as 30 hours to complete.

This visual novel is for fans of wholesome girls who just so happen to live under the same roof as the protagonist. Fans who enjoy heroines that give of a special slice of life feeling will feel right at home with their 4 new roommates!

There are 4 unique girls to choose from and each has an epilogue after the main route. Routes are fairly straight forward but there is a click and search game for each route. These are enjoyable to explore but skippable without consequences. Completing each route once unlocks all CG for that heroine. There are a few adult choices to make but completing the route once unlocks everything.

The Omake menu has uncensored replayable scenes and stills from each route. 

Story / setting

Our protagonist is having it rough. His parents were scammed and then they up and left him with the debt. He’s able to enroll in a trade school where he moves into Hidamari Dorm, a place he can finally breathe easy… But his roommates are 4 other girls! Of course they don’t trust him, he’s the only man in an all woman’s dorm. Will our hero finally find the good life he deserves? Either way, he’s determined to finally enjoy himself this spring.

Sugar * Style English Uncensored Download Edition

The English edition for Sugar * Style is available at many stores for download, including NutakuMangagamerDenpasoftJAST USAFakku, and Steam (All-ages). The game is fully uncensored.

Sample CGs