Suzukaze no Melt -Where Wishes are Drawn to Each Other-

Description & Story

It’s said that the town was long ago protected by Gods and spirits. But nowadays barely anyone still believes that tale. Yet they still hold an important event every 10 years in honor of the Gods. Our protagonist Akihito comes from a lineage of priests serving for the festival, while his childhood friend has been chosen as a Miko. Just that alone made Akihito feel that this year´s festival was going to become special.

As small mischief occurs during the festival preparations, rumors start sprouting about “strange beings” being seen. Of course Akihito did not believe such rumors. Until he saw one of them with his own eyes. Having lost her residence during construction work, the spirit Nazuna had been wandering ever since. With his help she’s brought back deep within the forest, behind the barriers that are supposed to keep humans away. Once there he gets to meet the beautiful God and resolves himself to protect all spirits in town.

Suzukaze no Melt is a game of bonds, and features art by tenmaso.


OP / Demo movie